April 8, 2020

Crazy Animal Behavior

Dog people are often puzzled by cat people and cat people have a tough time understanding why anyone would need a jumping, slobbering, stinky creature sharing such wonderfulness with them. General animal lovers wonder why anyone would question having either as a pet-they realize all pets are wonderful.

First of all, let’s consider the explanations many of us give for hating cats. The terms sneaky, ferocious, scary, evil, and untrustworthy are often used next to the word ‘cat’. Usually the utilization of such terms comes from a childhood trauma or learned avoidance by association with one who has suffered a trauma. For those that have suffered trauma from dogs, the terms run to rabid, dangerous, fleabag, attack and killer, so cats aren’t the sole animals hated and feared by some people.

In truth, animals are a bit like people in some regards. once they are frightened or abused, they become ferocious and attack anything that comes near them. If they’re trained to be attack animals, all they know is to attack-either on command, or on anyone entering the premises. Animals learn behaviors from their human companions an equivalent way the humans learn from their associations with other humans. The phrase “hanging out with a nasty crowd” involves mind.

Like humans, if animals hang around with people that teach them bad behaviors, they will become even as deranged and awful as humans. Whenever news of a terrible attack on humans surfaces, most folks who practice responsible animal care have a bent to mutter: “Too bad the animal are going to be killed due to that-it’s not the animal’s fault, it is the owner’s fault”.

Hanging out with humans has created such a lot trauma to the psyche of animals that it birthed an entire new arena in animal services. Now we’ve pet psychics, pet detectives, pet psychologists, and pet spas-just to call a couple of . Volumes are written about comparative psychology and the way it’s changed thanks to human involvement (and not usually for the better).

One of the foremost fascinating angles on animal behavior comes from the Buddhist arena. Buddhists state that everything just wants to measure life. As an example, they’re going to means the effect the intent to kill has on an insect. you’ll do this out yourself. subsequent time you see a spider, ant, or whatever quite insect innocently going by, focus your intention thereon particular insect and build up a murderous rage. Decide you’re getting to kill it, then watch what happens: the insect will get frantic because it is overcome by the fear of being murdered.

For people that think that no creature but man can think, therefore there’s no reason to think about the emotions of other creatures, this tiny experiment can actually open the mind. the reality is, everything that’s alive wants to measure . Period. Everything that lives is programmed to hunt life and avoid death, even viruses and bacteria.

So the next time you think that about why animals are going crazy suddenly and doing inexplicable things, realize the solution on ‘why’ could also be as close because the humans the animal lives with. Kinda causes you to go ‘hmmmm’, doesn’t it?