April 5, 2020

The Basics of Cat Care

Whether you’re considering buying or adopting a cat for the primary time, already own a cat but just want to form sure you’re doing everything right, or just want to seek out out more about cats and their care requirements, it are often hard to understand where to turn!

Everyone has their own unique ideas about the simplest thanks to look after our feline friends, so if you’re having problems sorting the wheat from the chaff and need to form sure that the knowledge you’re reading is reliable and accurate, search no further; read on to find out more about the fundamentals of excellent cat care, and where to travel to enhance your knowledge and understanding.

Responsible cat ownership

Before you create the commitment to require on a cat, you ought to make certain that you simply are going to be ready to afford to worry for it, and shall own it and appearance after it appropriately for the duration of its hopefully long life.

You should review your home and surrounding area critically to make sure that it’s a secure and suitable environment to bring a cat into, and also, make sure that if you rent or sleep in a leasehold apartment, you’re permitted to stay cats within your home.

When you actually get your cat, you ought to take steps to form sure that your cat isn’t a nuisance or inconvenience to others, and also, that you simply spay or neuter them as soon as possible, if this has not already been finished you.

Veterinary care

All cats should be vaccinated against all of the core communicable feline diseases, and receive an annual booster and vet check per annum . it’s also important to be ready to recognize other times when your cat may have to ascertain a vet, like if they become sick or injured. you’ll also got to allow flea and worming treatments, and preventative care like taking care of your cat’s teeth. Finally, you would possibly want to think about insuring your cat, to assist with the value of any unexpected and potentially expensive veterinary treatments.


Cats got to feed little and sometimes , then should tend free access to the acceptable food, and also clean, water in the least times. What you select to feed your cat is up to you, and therefore the like-for-like price of various cat foods can vary considerably across different ranges! When making your decision, you ought to take under consideration your cat’s life stage and lifestyle when picking the proper food, and you’ll also got to decide if you would like to feed wet food, dry food, or a mixture of both. Wet and dry food each have their advantages and drawbacks , and nobody can tell you what’s best for your own cat! confirm that the food that you simply feed to your cat may be a complete food, instead of a supplementary one, as only an entire food will lookout of all of your cat’s nutritional requirements. Also, go easy on the treats; too many treats can soon cause your cat to pile on the pounds, which may cause an entire range of potential health problems.

Understanding your cat

Cat communication is complex, and really different from that of humans! you’ll got to confirm that you simply understand the fundamentals of cat communication, the way to interpret your cat’s moods and wishes , and the way to inform if something is wrong together with your cat, like if they’re stressed or unhappy. you ought to also find out how to supply a secure , comfortable environment for your cat, which incorporates considerations like where to locate their beds, food bowls and litter trays, the way to make your cat feel secure, and the way to acknowledge once they want to be left alone!

Enabling a natural lifestyle

Most cats are indoor/outdoor cats, meaning that they need a warm home to remain in once they want to, but even have free or regular access to the surface world. this may help your cat to measure a natural lifestyle and manifest their natural behaviors, also as helping to stay them both fit and entertained. In some cases, certain breeds of cats may do better with an indoor-only lifestyle, like the very un-streetwise Ragdoll, or hairless cat breeds that are apt to urge too cold within the winter, or get burnt within the summer. If this is often the case together with your cat, you’ll need to go tons further when it involves enabling a natural lifestyle for them, and keeping them entertained.

Life stages

The natural behavior of cats will change as they age, starting with a boisterous, fun-loving kitten who is into everything, through your calmer, adult cat, to the precise traits and care requirements of the feline old-timer. Learning to acknowledge what’s normal and appropriate for your cat at every stage of their lives, and knowing the way to provide this, is additionally essential information.


If your cat suddenly starts urinating within the house, clawing the furniture, acting aggressively or otherwise doing something out of the standard that indicates unhappiness or an underlying problem, you ought to find out how to acknowledge this, and develop an honest understanding of the potential causes of problem behaviors and the way they will be resolved.

Learning more

If you would like to form sure that you’re all able to be the right cat parent, determine more about what makes your cat tick, or attain a proper certification in cat care, you would possibly want to think about taking a specialist animal care course, to find out about all of those things and far more.

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